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Home Insurance Tips – South Africa


So, what about home insurance? Some people have it, some don’t. I think in this day and age where our security is important to us, getting home insurance on your household contents is important.

Pet insurance has also become popular, and why not? Our fur babies really are a big part of our family, to say the least. What about affordability? We will discuss a few options further down in this article giving you a user-friendly summary of home insurance. Should you require assistance?

who to get hold of, and tips to prevent further damage while you wait for your insurer to get to you.

If you are not insured, these tips will be helpful by saving you money in the long run. Many insurance companies have a budget-friendly option but don’t forget to do some research and get a few quotes first before you make your final decision.

What Does Household Insurance Include?

Usually, home contents insurance will cover you against theft, loss or damage. Family members who are living with you will also be covered if they are added to your policy.

Should you be away on holiday and items that you have taken with you are lost or stolen, these will also be covered.

N.B. Always read the fine print of any document, even if it is long!

How Does Household Insurance Help Me?

Peace of mind is probably the one factor that would help in making the decision to get home insurance.

  • You want your family to be safe as well as to protect your main dwelling.
  • Secondly, protection of your detached structures like your garage, pet house or fencing is also important when obtaining an insurance policy.
  • Each insurer will stipulate what they want to be covered in their policy, and this will affect your pricing structure.
  • Protection from falling trees, natural disasters, wind, flood, fire, theft and storm, can all be covered depending on what is affordable to you. To make it easy, most insurance companies will have a detailed list or outline of what is covered, and your policy can be tailor-made to suit your specific needs.

What Is Covered In-Home Content Insurance?

Home contents insurance covers the financial cost to replace or repair your personal possessions. For example, computers, t.v. clothing, jewellery, appliances, toys, furniture and curtains. It is very important to cover your beloved contents and will save you, in the long run, should any of these be destroyed.

What Insurance Covers Flooring?


Building insurance usually covers floors, roofs, windows and walls. Whether it be cracked tiles, damage to laminate or carpet replacement due to water damage, these should be covered by your insurance as long as the damage was caused by something specific in your policy. Pools, outbuildings, tennis courts etc can also be insured.

Take a look at our flooring range and send it through to your insurer for a quick and professional replacement and installation. For more information on how Carpetflair operates and who you can deal with. Please follow the link.

How Can I Make An Insurance Claim?

Read through your policy to make sure what you’re claiming is legitimate.
Report the claim as soon as possible and if there is an online option, use that and follow up with a phone call.

Get your proof of purchase and photo evidence.

Before you throw out any damaged goods, first let your insurer have a look at them. For instance, that loose lay fancy carpet from your grandma may just need to be steam-cleaned and not thrown out. We all offer a carpet cleaning service should that be required.

Help My House Is Flooded! Helpful Tips To Protect Your Valuables

  • Turn off the mains
  • Make sure your loved ones are safe (including pets)
  • If it is a leak, turn it off at the source
  • Lift valuable items to a safe place if possible
  • Put towels or blankets down if necessary
  • Call for assistance and take pictures of the damage

It is important to remember once moisture gets into your home it is very difficult to get rid of it. Moisture can lead to black mould which is bad for your health. for more information on black mould follow the link.

What To Do After A Flood?


If you are insured, your insurer will go through your policy to help with the process of getting cash in lieu or match as close as possible any flooring that may have been damaged, from the cost and the colour.

If a flooring match cannot be made, most insurers will enable you to get something completely different as long as it is within range of what you’re insured for.

The insurance company will then contact the contractor who is approved to do the work on your home and within a few hours or a couple of days, so the work can be started.Carpet Flair is on all the below mentioned insurance companies, which are nationwide.

  • Outsurance
  • MiWay
  • King Price
  • Nedbank
  • Discovery Insure
  • Hollard

In a case where you are not insured, then your best option is to go online and look at our website, where you can choose from our beautiful range of flooring, from laminates, vinyl, tiles or carpets.

Here you can choose in the comfort of your own home and the work on your home can be expedited at your convenience.

What Is A Home Insurance Calculator?

A little bit of help to assist you when trying to figure out how much you would be expected to pay for home insurance.

Some things to consider are :

  • Your home’s location
  • Your home’s characteristics
  • The coverage amounts – art, electronics etc.
  • Deductibles
  • Credit score

Concluding HouseHold Insurance South Africa


Home insurance is extremely important. This is a safety net should you need it. It is recommended to have household insurance as things go wrong when you least expect them to.

We have taken you through the steps of what to do during flood damage and how to make a claim from your home insurance company. If you need to work out your house insurance price take a look at the home insurance calculator above.