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Best Laminate Flooring In South Africa

Quality laminate flooring is a great way to quickly improve the style and design of your home. Laminate flooring is manufactured to different specs around the world, these flooring specs are there to make sure that the floor performs correctly in the area it is laid on.

Laminated flooring in South Africa comes at some of the highest specs around the world. This is simply because South Africans are tough and we require tough sturdy flooring. Sub-quality laminate flooring prices can be cheap but they do not have the durability that is required for the South African market.

What exactly do we mean by the South African market being tough on laminate flooring?
In general, most homes have dogs or cats, a pool and a garden or outside area. Dogs have claws that can scratch laminate flooring if there is no wear layer. Kids often bring in water from the pool as they don’t properly dry, and people track dirt in from outside into the house.

That’s just how we South Africans are…

It is best to make sure that your household is insured for accidental damage or even storm damage. For more information follow the link.

Laminate Flooring Prices


Prices of laminate flooring range from product to product and brand to brand. What you should be asking yourself is what laminate flooring best suits my home and its situation? Rather than looking for cheap laminate flooring, that will need to be replaced every couple of months/years.

Quality laminated flooring has 5 defining features to guarantee durability and longevity of life being:

  • An overlay – to protect the decorative layer
  • Decor layer – provides the look feel and design
  • HDF core – High-Density Fiberboard core – provides protection from hard impacts, ensures the laminate flooring keeps its integrity
  • Balancing film – helps keep the laminate level
  • Paraffin waxed tongue – repels moisture on the joins

The laminate flooring price of quality products can range from R199 per square meter to R575 per square meter.

Below is a list of laminate flooring with a scenario where the flooring will perform best.

Take a look at our laminate flooring range.

Laminated Wooden Flooring

Finfloor has a great selection of laminate flooring with a product to suit any situation, even commercial flooring. The first laminate flooring product we are going to review is Finfloor Bella.

Bella is laminated wooden flooring that is available in 6 different color variations. From the warm natural wood feel of Defne to the cool light gray of Vegas.


Finfloors’s Bella laminate flooring range has a fit for use grading of AC3/W31 this means it is suitable for a heavy domestic use environment, such as high traffic areas like an entrance hall. Making this wooden laminate flooring perfect for most rooms, kitchen, bedroom and entrance hall.

Bella laminate flooring specifications:

  • Laminate plank thickness 8mm
  • Laminate plank length 1200mm
  • Laminate plank width 193mm

Bella laminate flooring is manufactured in Turkey and conforms to the European standards for laminate flooring, the EN13329 standard. What does the EN13329 standard mean? Basically, this means the laminate flooring has passed grueling testing from heat to water resistance, impact and stain resilience ensuring a premium quality laminate floor.

Bella laminate floors come with a 15-years Heavy Domestic use / 5-years Moderate Commercial use warranty.

You can find Bella laminate flooring prices between R230 and R270 depending on the supplier.

All laminate flooring is supplied with an anti-bacterial layer.

Classen XXL Wooden Laminate Flooring


Are you looking for a wooden laminate floor to traverse a large room or space? Classen’s XXL laminate flooring is the perfect product for you. This extra-large laminate plank is designed to look easy on the eye for large areas.

How does this laminate floor do this? Due to the plank size being extra large there are fewer laminate planks used to cover the area. Naturally, this makes the space less busy allowing for a smooth flowing floor.

This laminate flooring range is available in 8 different colors from Cassano Grigo Oak to Denver gray oak.

Let us look at the size difference between the Classen XXL and the Finfloor Bella above.

Classen XXL laminate flooring specifications:

  • Laminate plank thickness 8mm
  • Laminate plank length 2175mm
  • Laminate plank width 243mm

This wooden laminate floor has a great quality manufacturing practice adhering to the EN13329 European standard with an abrasion class of AC4.

Due to the large laminate plank size and board regality, you will require fewer expansion gaps to cover a big area.

You can find Classen’s XXL laminate flooring prices between R265 per square meter and R353 per square meter depending on the supplier.

Likewise Flooring – Hydrosafe Water Resistant Laminate Flooring


Tired of the kids bringing water in from the pool? Or just being plain clumsy with a glass of water? Likewise has developed a water-resistant laminate flooring for these very needs.

This wooden laminate flooring has been produced with UNILIN to create a water-resistant laminate floor. How does this laminate floor become water-resistant? The laminate is manufactured with a water-repellent coating.

This coating prevents liquids from seeping into the joins which ultimately cause swelling, coupling and openly raised bevels.

Hydrosafe laminate flooring specifications:

  • Laminate plank thickness 8mm
  • Laminate plank length 1261mm
  • Laminate plank width 192mm

You can find Hydrosafe laminate flooring prices between R315 and R375 per square meter depending on the supplier.

Final Thoughts | Laminated Flooring In South Africa


When choosing laminate flooring it is important to know what function you want the floor to serve. Is the floor going into a wet area? Then look at installing the water-resistant laminate flooring.

Is the floor going to be installed in a high traffic area? Then look to install a laminate floor with a high abrasion factor AC3 or higher.

What you need to take away from this laminate flooring post is that you can get quality laminate flooring at a good price.